Amethyst Initiatory Path
Amethyst Initiatory Path

Amethyst Initiatory Path

Commitment to you is the key to advance your personal and spiritual growth. That is why we propose you the Amethyst Initiation Path.

In our initiation paths, we suggest you take a step forward and start cultivating regularly to achieve your goals. Whatever your purpose, and even if it changes, we will accompany you by developing the most appropriate practices for you, in a personalized way.

Your personalized and unique online yoga and meditation sessions

You will have at your disposal different yoga and meditation practices each month, made specifically for you. So that you can do them every day at your own pace, specifically focused on what you want to evolve into.

The most important thing about practice is regularity, and awareness. We will accompany you so that you know how to make the most of each asana, each breath. Because you don’t need to do stunts or innovative poses.

Simplicity and concentration, a sincere look at oneself, is the key for yoga to become much more than a simple physical exercise. It really is a path of personal growth, even spiritual.


Personal coaching sessions, the perfect complement for your growth

In addition, we include in the Amethyst Initiation Path, a personal coaching session per month, to develop the action plan and also address the psychological and psycho-emotional perspective. Another way to accompany you, to have a complete vision, and all the elements to find the perfect way for you.

With your will, and the tools that we put at your disposal, you have everything you need to develop your Being, and manage to live in harmony.

We all carry a precious stone within us. Dare to discover yourself.

With the Amethyst initiatory path you will have the necessary tools to begin your path of transformation. Beginner level.

Individually: 1 personalized yoga / meditation practices + 1 individual coaching session of 45 min. + weekly challenges. 

You will be able to access all the content through our virtual campus on-line, in the My courses tab.

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