Conditions of service

Conditions of service

Confidentiality agreement:

The alliance between coach and coachee is based on respect and confidentiality. Therefore, the coach agrees not to use or reveal at any time, totally or partially, to third parties any confidential information shared in the sessions. Given that sometimes in a coaching process the coach shares his own and other’s experiences in order to illustrate examples, this Confidentiality Commitment is extended to the coachee. On the occasions when third-party experiences are shared, in no case will the identity (or any data that could facilitate the deduction of it) be revealed of the person whose experience is being taken as an example

In accordance with the above, the coach and the coachee agree that:

1. They will take, at a minimum, the same security and protection measures with the other party’s confidential information that apply to their own.

2. They will not disclose confidential information of the other party, neither in whole nor in part.

3. This information will be used exclusively in the coaching sessions.

4. The information will not be used without the prior signed consent of the affected party.

5. The date of entry into force of this Confidentiality Agreement will be the same as that of the beginning of the relationship between consultant and client.

6. If there is no mutual agreement on the date of termination of this Confidentiality Agreement, it will be maintained permanently.

7. In the case of couple or family coaching, in no case will information about the sessions be provided to another member of the family or couple, whether or not they are in the coaching process. Except that the interested party expressly requests the transmission of all or certain information to a specific person who is in turn taking part individually or jointly with the applicant in a coaching process, to facilitate it by way of mediation. In this case, the applicant will provide the data of the person who wants to be informed and will sign the authorization document. Dunya is not responsible for the consequences or reactions of the person to whom the information is transmitted or for the fact that it maintains its confidentiality.

This confidentiality agreement will apply both to coaching and to any other type of service or session that is acquired with Dunya and in which data or personal experiences are expressed or shared, whatever the medium, online or in person, in which it occurs.


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