Energy nutrition and phytotherapy courses
Energy nutrition and phytotherapy courses

Energy nutrition and phytotherapy courses

At Dunya we want you to have as many tools as possible so that you can be independent in self-care. That is the goal of our energy nutrition and phytotherapy courses.

Traditionally, people had knowledge about remedies and cures, which was passed down from generation to generation. This allowed them to take responsibility for their health on a daily basis, and they turned to health professionals when necessary.

In the same way,food has been understood in most traditions as medicine. Obviously, there is nothing with more influence on our well-being than habits, and eating nourishes who we are from within. Could there be something more decisive?

That is why we propose differentcourses, easy and affordable, so that you have more and more resources and knowledge about what benefits food and plants. We will share how and when to use them in the small ailments of the day to day, and above all, how to prevent the state of imbalance that leads to disease.

Energy Nutrition: The Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, with a great preventive vision, is based on the balance of the energies of the 5 elements. Each person has an innate inertia, so we need to see specifically what kind of food is more convenient in our case. There is no ideal diet for everyone. That is why it is best to know yourself, and deepen your knowledge of what each food provides. Thus, at each moment, we can feed ourselves according to what benefits us at that moment. It also influences the climate, the season of the year, the moment of the life cycle. You can take into account all these factors and eat healthy and tasteful.

Energy nutrition and herbal medicine courses promote self-care and family medicine

Take care of your health and that of yours with natural resources, simple and available to everyone.

Against every disease a plant grows.