Go to chaos to find calm. Retreats in Cairo
Go to chaos to find calm. Retreats in Cairo

Go to chaos to find calm. Retreats in Cairo

This October we had a lovely individual retreat at Dunya.

We are already preparing dates for the next group retreat, so stay tuned!

And you may wonder, a retreat, in a city like Cairo?

Yes, it is daring and therefore wonderful.

Cairo is a city full of life, very chaotic, with overflowing traffic and continuous noise. It takes you completely out of your comfort zone, it makes you face your fear, your anger, your need for control that is completely out of play in a reality where the only option is to adapt to the circumstances at all times.

The people of this city, just escaping from the purely tourist space, are extremely kind and generous. People who come to others, to whom you do not need to ask for help so that they are at your disposal, only to notice that you are clueless are there offering themselves. Even to cross these streets, you have to be a bit intrepid, really.

As a patient told me this morning, a city that asks for a lot, and also gives a lot.

And finally, the desert. That place that we have to touch with our fingers, with that special energy, and that depth that helps us delve into ourselves. A spectacular cocktail.

If you come to do a retreat with us, it will not be in an environment of papier-mâché, starched and thinking so that you can relax and have that feeling of having disconnected. Here you will really connect, to connect with yourself, with the light and with the shadow. In contact with a wild and free reality. A real, direct, transformative experience.

Yoga and meditation as a common thread, as tools to know how to be in this life.

If you are willing, we will wait for you.

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