Healthy eating, more than just calories and nutrients.
Healthy eating, more than just calories and nutrients.

Healthy eating, more than just calories and nutrients.

We are what we eat, let food be your medicine…hundreds of famous phrases remind us of theimportance of a healthy diet. But what exactly does it consist of?
On the one hand, we have the facet of calories, with too much importance, perhaps, given the importance that is given in our modern society to a specific standard of beauty that even makes people sick who are caught between it and your insecurities. Obviously, obesity, just like extreme thinness, can lead to health problems. If we pay attention to what our body really needs, it will keep itself in balance, and counting calories will no longer be necessary.
On the other hand, the classic (Western) perspective of the combination of nutrients, that is, taking into account their chemical composition. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements must be present in our diet in the right proportions so that our body is properly nourished.
But is food only a matter of the body? There are two more perspectives, also essential to take into account: the energetic and the psycho-emotional.

Energy tells us what foods are best for us according to our constitution. A person who is tinny, does not like the cold, and is prone to overthinking will not do well to eat raw foods such as salads often. On the other hand, someone robust, who gets warm easily and with a lot of decision-making capacity, will fit better. Chinese medicine observes what the nature of the person is to see the nature of the foods that benefit him.
And we come to the psycho-emotional perspective, so important and vital to understand ourselves and our relationship with the world. Food nourishes us, it is a connection with the earth, with life, and also with our emotions. The relationship we have with food determines our vision of the world and of ourselves. It can also be a connection with our roots, our ancestors. When something shuts down our appetite, we refuse to accept, sometimes we deny life. When we overeat we try to fill internal voids, lack of affection. When we feed ourselves with things that harm us, our insecurity makes us believe that we do not deserve care. Sometimes our rigidity and demand manifests itself by not allowing us to enjoy what we like. If we reject a certain type of food, we may also be rejecting a part of ourselves. These statements are very general and broad, each person is different and different patterns are expressed in their way of eating. But in all cases, a nutritional imbalance has a psycho-emotional reason behind it.
Working on your healthy diet not only improves your weight, or your physical health. You improve your mental and spiritual health. You improve your relationship with the world and balance the ego. It is a search for your true self.
If you want to take the first step in this journey of self-knowledge, towards health and peace, we accompany you.

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