Today, about 15% of couples who intend to have children do not get pregnant within the first year. From the point of view of Western medicine, it is considered that after this time we are facing a fertility problem. For Traditional Chinese Medicine, the period during which the couple must have unsuccessfully attempted conception for any abnormality to be considered is 2 years.

In some cases, although conception occurs, the pregnancy does not exceed the first 3 months on successive occasions.

Traditional Chinese medicine successfully deals with aspects related to fertility, both in women and men. Already in the old books we find treatments for fertility, facing the threat of miscarriage, regulating the menstrual cycle, achieving hormonal balance and improving sperm quality.

The conception process is influenced by different factors, such as the quality of the blood, the temperature of the uterus, the possible accumulation of energy or abdominal masses, hormone secretion or sperm quality. In the theory of the 5 movements that underpins traditional Chinese medicine and the practice of acupuncture, the main energy system related to conception is that of the kidney. Other contributing systems must be in balance, such as the spleen, which generates blood, or the extraordinary meridians of ren mei and Chong mai, which provide Yin energy and blood to the uterus respectively.

There are different syndromes related to the imbalances that hinder fertility, and each person will be treated in a specific way, according to their energetic nature, the energy imbalance or syndrome that generates the symptoms; And in the case of women, the treatment will also be different at each stage of the cycle. The energy flow to the uterus and the hormonal state is different at each stage of the cycle, therefore, the stimulus performed must contribute to the functions that the body performs at each moment.

For example, in phase 1 of the cycle, Yang energy starts at its peak and decreases and transforms into Yin energy. Therefore, this is the process that must be accompanied. Even if the person suffers from a Yang deficiency, this will not be the time to tone it.

Therefore, to make the diagnosis we will take into account the energetic nature of the person, and when we determine the underlying syndrome or imbalances, we must adapt the application of the treatment to each phase of the cycle. We will choose the acupuncture treatment points and the complementary techniques to be applied at each time.

Acupuncture treatments are very effective, both on their own and accompanying IVF processes. In addition to balancing the body for optimal fitness, it relaxes and relieves stress, which has also been shown to have a huge impact on the chances of conceiving. In addition, fertility processes are often stressful and generate a lot of uncertainty and a roller coaster of emotions, so it is always good to take care of our mental and emotional state during it. The impact that the process has on a woman’s body and her hormonal system cannot be ignored.

We also use heat application techniques in our treatments, the so-called moxibustion. Heat in the uterus is essential both to generate an environment favorable to the implantation of the embryo and to prevent the accumulation of pathogenic factors that hinder conception. With our Japanese incense applicators we perform a warm and pleasant massage on the abdomen, giving a plus of effectiveness and comfort to the classic acupuncture treatment. Our unique and personalized treatments are a hallmark.

Because the result of the process is the goal, and living it with the necessary calm and care. At aldunya we accompany you to achieve this.

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