How does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?
How does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine work?

Today many so-called “alternative” therapies have become popular. Some of them are modern, developed in the last 100 years from different paradigms. But others are techniques used since ancient times, with an important background of knowledge behind them. Among these we find acupuncture and Shiatsu. The latter, although how it is attributed its beginnings in the early twentieth century, is based on traditional Chinese medical theory.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive medical science, the earliest texts dating back more than 3,000 years. It is based on the theory of the 5 elements or movements, that is, on how the different energies in our body are related, and also the balance that we maintain with the outside. When internal or external harmony disappears, disease appears. It also establishes how different factors that can be pathogens affect this balance, some external such as cold or humidity, and some internal such as different emotions.

On this basis, a whole diagnostic theory is built, where the state of the person is assessed through questionnaires and also by observing different aspects, such as the color of the skin, the tongue or the pulses. Based on this, and according to the etiology of traditional Chinese medicine, a diagnosis is established, which leads us to the original cause of the disease. That is, the energetic, emotional imbalance or the habits that have caused these symptoms to develop will be treated. The aim is not only for the symptom to disappear, but to deeply reestablish the balance of body and mind.

To apply the treatment corresponding to the diagnosis, different techniques can be used, as we have said Shiatsu and acupuncture, and also moxibustion, cupping, auriculotherapy and abdominal massage, among many others.

Since it is a complete medical theory, all kinds of pathologies can be treated. The relationship that is made between emotions and the different symptoms is of special relevance, a somewhat forgotten facet in modern medicine, or that compartmentalizes, establishing psycho-emotional disorders as something that occurs only in the mind.

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