In winter, enjoy the warmth of Netsu
In winter, enjoy the warmth of Netsu

In winter, enjoy the warmth of Netsu

Netsu is a therapy based on the Japanese Ito Thermie technique. In the eighties a few schools in Spain received training directly from Japanese teachers.

At Netsu we use applicators into which incense made from the medicinal plant mugwort is inserted.

It is very effective in treating pain in muscles and joints.

We also apply it in the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and in the additional routes of Shiatsu Masunaga, to treat all kinds of pathologies.. It will relax you and make you feel more connected to yourself in cases of anxiety and depression.

Especially useful to strengthen our immune system. And what better way to beat the cold and stay warm this winter?

Receiving Netsu is receiving warmth, not only physically through the heat given off by the incense, but also through listening to the practitioner, who will give your body what it needs in each place, with respect and harmony.

Do you want to try it?

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