Our project, your personal growth.

Our project, your personal growth.

Dunya is a space for learning and personal growth. A place from which to accompany you on your way, tuning into body, emotions, thoughts and spirit. Thus, you will achieve a fuller life and connected with Reality.

We offer you different services, online, so that you make the most of your time, wherever you are.

Individual coaching sessions, personal accompaniment to achieve your goals both in the material world and focused on the cultivation of your spirituality.

Meditation and yoga classes adapted to your needs, to calm your mind and keep your body strong and active.

Healthy eating and nutritional coaching, because we are what we eat and proper nutrition is essential in all its aspects.

And courses and training that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of global health even more, and share it, creating a network of transformation towards peace and harmony.

In addition, at Dunya we take into account your values and belief system, respecting what is important to you and accompanying you from your own vision of the world and life.

In our store you will also find first-class natural cosmetic products. To take care of your skin, to take care of yourself as you need and deserve. As it is inside, it is outside, and we must not neglect any aspect of ourselves.

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Get to know us, and come with us to those magical places where you can live experiences that make a difference.

We organize retreats where we integrate the different practices, in ideal places to connect with you. During the year we will publish the dates of the group retreats open to all people. You can also request a private retreat, individual or for a closed group of people. Tell us what you would like through our contact form.

We also offer face-to-face services that will help you regulate your body energetically and physically.

Shiatsu, the delicate and deep Japanese massage that will make you enter a state of complete well-being and connection with yourself.

Acupuncture, traditional Chinese technique with which to rediscover your vitality. With it, you can treat from migraines and joint pain to psycho-emotional disorders.

Foot reflexology,a balm for your feet that at the same time works your wholebody through its reflex zones.

We also perform cupping therapies in different modalities such as the traditional Hijama.

And different facial treatments, with our natural cosmetic products, as well as the exclusive Kobido, manual face lift.

All this, and more, at your service. Because our project is your personal growth.

To connect with yourself, with your beauty and inner divinity. With gratitude towards Life when we understand the Baraka, the blessing, which is to be here and now. When we know how to trust what we are, in the eternal existence that sustains us.