Work success coaching program
Work success coaching program

Work success coaching program


Pack of personal coaching sessions aimed at work success

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Do you feel stuck in your work? Do you lack the strength to face the day every day? Are you demotivated and do not find meaning in what you do? With the job success coaching program, we offer you coaching sessions to discover what is blocking you and preventing you from feeling satisfied in your work. From there, we can continue the coaching process and see the possibilities that open up before you.

All situations can be changed although perhaps it is not the time to change jobs. Maybe you need another approach, or find a way to nurture your vocation and your nature. It is about balancing the aspects of your life, to be able to be at peace with them, and even enjoy all of them, even the ones that you would not choose.

Everything happens by stopping, observing, and being aware that there is always something you can do.


It seems that it has been socially accepted that life happens in our free hours. It does not matter our status in working hours, we have the weekend and the holidays. The reality is that practically a third of every day, and possibly more than half of the hours that we are awake, we work.

At every moment of life there are priorities, and obviously we will not always have the job of our dreams. Still, we can feel useful, complete, satisfied, with what we do daily. That is why our proposal in the job success coaching program goes further, we assess where you want to go and where you are now. We work in the short and long term, balancing dreams, priorities and needs.

In yoga we speak of the “yoga of action“, of surrendering completely to what we have to do at all times. Accepting, contrary to what it may seem, is not resignation or misery. It is being able to be at peace with what happens, and thus make the most of each situation.

From there, when your time comes, you will be ready to take the leap and realize yourself the way you dream. Although you do not have to wait, from now on, you can start savoring your life, and your work,whatever it is.


Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your full potential, and planting seeds that benefit others – John C. Maxwell


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