Personal Coaching Pack Connect with your Gift
Personal Coaching Pack Connect with your Gift

Personal Coaching Pack Connect with your Gift


Pack of personal coaching sessions aimed at connecting with your gift and your purpose.

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There are moments in life when we feel that there is something inside us that wants to come out and grow, although we do not quite know what. With the Connect with your Gift Personal Coaching Pack, we offer you sessions aimed at looking inside yourself and seeing what qualities or functions you have come to develop.

We all have a purpose in life, knowing what it is and walking in its direction is a guarantee of inner peace. . Although it is not always easy to recognize it, to recognize yourself. On the one hand, the inertias of societymake us accept a specific model of what success and happiness are, which perhaps do not coincide with what lives within us. On the other hand, the well-intentioned influence of those closest to you can make you prioritize a supposed economic security, well-being or comfort. When perhaps it is not necessary to give up flourishing as a person to have that security, or it may even be the best way to have it. And finally,our own fears and insecurities, or those beliefs that we have assumed as our own, make us limit ourselves. s. We say that something is not possible, it is not logical, it is not sensible, before we even try and see if it really is so.


Because connecting with our gift means connecting with what we can contribute to the world. And there is nothing more rewarding than being useful, realizing that you contribute, even with a tiny grain of sand, to a better world.

With the Connect with your gift personal coaching pack we accompany you on that path of self-discovery, especially to connect with those skills in which you feel like a fish in water, with your purpose.

You also have something to give, and Life is waiting for you.

The meaning of life is finding your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.- Pablo Picasso.


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