Shiatsu, Japanese massage
Shiatsu, Japanese massage

Shiatsu, Japanese massage


Soft and deep Japanese therapeutic massage, which affects the energy channels of the body. Very relaxing, it helps to connect with oneself and the state of our body.

Shiatsu, Japanese massage available in Cairo (Spanish/English), Igualada and Vilafranca del Penedés.

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Shiatsu is a massage technique first developed by Namikoshi in Japan in the early twentieth century, which stimulates the body’s self-healing power and has great effects on the physical and nervous system level. In a culture with a broad base of traditional and family medicine, influenced mainly by Chinese, he evolved with Masunaga to a massage with which the energy meridians associated with the 5 elements are worked. Other lines of Shiatsu that we also work include stretching and postural repositioning techniques, making this manual therapy a true joy for the recipient and a great tool to alleviate any ailment, as well as to maintain the state of health.



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