Spring allergy and Chinese medicine
Spring allergy and Chinese medicine

Spring allergy and Chinese medicine

After the cold winter, we all welcome spring, begin to see the sun again and feel welcomed by its warmth.
But it is also the time when allergies, itching and respiratory discomfort surface. Here it is the spring allergy.

Why does this happens?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it has to do with the energy of the liver.
According to the theory of the 5 elements, winter is the time of recollection par excellence. We must have a calm rhythm, sleep a lot and conserve energy. Eat especially healthy so as not to accumulate toxins since our physical activity is usually reduced and we need more food and more calories to maintain body temperature.
When spring arrives, the energy of the Liver begins the opposite cycle, it is an expansive energy of growth. We feel that we want to start projects, to resume habits, to reconnect with friends, to open ourselves to this stage of rebirth.

It is important that we are in harmony with the cycles of nature, so if during the winter we expend excessive energy, do not rest enough and do not let the body recover, the next stage will suffer. The energy of the liver will be weakened and the so-called “liver fire” will be out of control. According to the interrelations between the elements, the ascent of the liver fire prevents the lung from controlling it, it does not allow it to descend and purify the energy. The typical symptoms of itchy eyes, coughing and phlegm accumulation, among others, are generated. And that excess of irritability, sometimes uncontrollable!
In places with a lot of pollution, heat and humidity, the spring allergy can be even more intense, generating chronic sinusitis with asthma attacks in spring.
To avoid this, as we have said, respect the cycles, give your body what it needs and take care of your rest and diet.

spring allergy

What can I do abut it?

If you don’t know how at Dunya we can help you, with a personalized diet and teaching you which foods are most suitable for you at each time of the year.
Acupuncture sessions can also help you, both in acute episodes and in chronic cases. With commitment to your treatment, you will be able to breathe fully again and make spring a time of openness and growth again.
If you don’t like needles, Shiatsu massage is also an excellent ally to rebalance your energy and feel comfortable in your body again. Also some yoga techniques as pranayama can help you to improve your breathing

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