The beauty of the present
The beauty of the present

The beauty of the present

The beauty of the present

One of the most beautiful acts is to give. Yes, even more than receiving a gift, which too, because we are going to deny it.
Actually, the fullest state of the human being is to give love. The need to receive is born most of the time from lack, and on the other hand, the act of loving is abundant. If you are interested, we can go into depth on this matter in future articles. Leave us a comment if you want it!


Returning to the subject, giving is a way to express and share our love. Demonstrate knowledge of the person, choosing something that we know they will like or do well. An interest, for the effort and resources invested in it, not necessarily financial. That we have been thinking about that person, that we have him in mind.
It is also true that certain dates have become popular as a commercial attraction, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and it is almost a social pressure to have to give gifts on certain dates.
Let’s not let this tarnish the beauty of the gift, nor let us be convinced that the date is important. A spontaneous gift, simply because something has reminded us of a loved one, something simple, that comes from the heart, is sublime. Today we are very stressed and busy, love is shown every day in little things. Although the gift is moving, let’s not confuse our inability to reach everything on certain occasions with heartbreak. The most important thing is not being able to show on Instagram the gift you have received. Sometimes the gift is to share life. Let’s be compassionate and empathetic. Let’s be aware of priorities.
Nor do we let grand gestures once a year compensate for a bland or even toxic day-to-day. Some relationships feed off of it. The gift is the symbol, not the love itself.
It’s not about you, about showing what you love him, what you do, how good or good you are. It is about the other, about what he needs, about what you can contribute.
Let’s give, share, love actively, with facts, with care. By the other and for the other. With an open heart, God willing.

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