Why is trust so important?
Why is trust so important?

Why is trust so important?

Why is trust so important?

First of all, we must ask ourselves what trust is. Is it believing that everything will turn out “all right”? What can we do with everything?

Rather it is understanding that good or bad are dual concepts of our human mind. But that a broader perspective makes us see that we really do not have the ability to judge events in this way.

An ancient Chinese story explains how a farmer who had only one horse one day lost it because it ran away. The neighbors came and said “Too bad” to which he replied, “Maybe.” The next day the horse appeared with a herd of wild horses that had returned with him and the neighbors quickly ran to tell him how lucky he was, to which he again replied, Maybe. His only son who helped him with the chores suffered an injury to his leg trying to tame one of the wild horses, and again the farmer was told how bad his fortune was now with his son unable to help him, to which he unmoved, replied “perhaps”. The next day the imperial army appeared in the village recruiting young men for the war and the farmer’s son was discarded due to his injury and was able to stay with his family. You already know what the neighbors came to say and what the farmer replied, right?

Such is life, we cannot know where each event takes us. And of course sometimes we need help, sometimes the situation is beyond us.

Without trust we are a weathervane at the mercy of how the wind blows.

Far from this superficial notion in which to feel alive is to be carried away by emotions to the extreme, happy and euphoric with every little thing that we value as good, and sad and defeated by every difficulty. Living really is deciding from calm, from your true being. Look with perspective. Giving the place that corresponds to emotions, and establishing ourselves firmly in trust. Taking charge of who we are and who we want to become.

joy of trust

Trusting means knowing that everything happens, that we don’t know where a specific experience is going to take us, but we do know that, if we take advantage of the occasion to give the best of ourselves, any event will be a step forward in our personal growth.

This is where our power to transform reality lies, not in making what we want happen, but rather being able to do what we want with what happens.

With Confidence in our criteria and values, in our Being and in Life.

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