Coaching is a tool that will allow you to advance in your vital goals. We will accompany you to discover where you want to focus your energy, and how to do it. Together we will detect those points to improve and transform, and we will develop a detailed action planthat you can gradually implement and observe its results. You will also develop the ability to better manage your emotions and make them a support and not an impediment to your personal development.

We offer our online sessions, so you can connect with us wherever you are, and make the most of your time, avoiding travel.

We offer you two large blocks so that you can find what you need.

Life coaching

Personal coaching or life coach is oriented to those challenges of the personal sphere. Family relationships, couples, moments of change, and much more. We will use transpersonal coaching and emotional coaching in this framework. More info here

Business coaching

Business or job coaching is oriented to the professional world. Whether you have a company, are self-employed, or want to focus or boost your professional career. More info here

Mindful eating and nutritional coaching

Learn what type of diet is most recommended for you, in an easy way and enjoying food. More info here

At Dunya we take into account your values ​​and belief system, respecting what is important to you and accompanying you from your own vision of the world and life.

Because we are here for you. The sessions are free of personal judgments or evaluations. We put at your service the tools so that you know yourself better, you can enhance your skills, be clear about your objectives and go for them. To better manage your emotions. To direct your life to what you discover that makes you happy and does you good.

You are capable of being the best version of yourself, you just have to get down to work.

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