Yoga and meditation
Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation

Through the different techniques used in yoga, such asasanas, spiritual chants, meditation, breathing techniques, you will achieve a deep knowledge of yourself, as well as a healthy physical and emotional state.

With practice, you will connect with your inner guide, that part of your Being connected to the Universe. From this place of silence and recollection, with the certainty of being part of something that transcends us, the path is clear and friendly.

With the integration of the ethical principles of yoga, you will enhance qualities such as non-violence, contentment and satisfaction, surrender, and many others that will give your life peace and harmony.

Yoga and meditation sessions online, individual and personalized

In the personalized individual session we will develop a specific practice for what you want to work on. Thus, you can have your daily practice and do it during the recommended time to achieve the objective transformation. At your own pace, when you want and where you want. Specifically focusing the energy on what is appropriate for you at this moment. During the time that the practice lasts, you will be able to access the video of the session, where you will have a detailed explanation of how to perform each movement, each breath.

And, if you want, we can continue practicing the class together, to be able to observe your changes and correct what is necessary, with the accompanying sessions. Live online sessions to practice with closeness and comfort.

All the resources at your disposal to enjoy and cultivate your personal growth. Your physical health. emotional and spiritual

If you have the determination to commit to your spiritual path, we propose the Initiation Paths, in which we offer you a continuous accompaniment month by month,tailored to your disposition and capacity.

Yoga is a path to freedom. With its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.

Indra Devi

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