Traditional medicine courses
Traditional medicine courses

Traditional medicine courses

There is a great tradition of medicines that seek the energetic balance of the body and mind. They use a large part of preventive medicine, as well as natural remedies and manual techniques to activate the healing power of our body. We want to bring you closer to this wealth with our traditional medicine courses.

The Ayurveda of India, the Theory of the 5 elements and the Acupuncture of China, the Shiastu, Sotai and Hineisin of Japan, the Hijama and the prophetic tradition of the Arab world, the vibration of the bowls of Tibet. These are just a few examples of ancestral knowledge cultivated over millennia. Documented for more than 2,000 years in the case of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are still valid today.

In our traditional medicine courses we are going to approach different theories and techniques that have survived for thousands of years, and have demonstrated their great effectiveness in our own experience. You will be able to learn first-hand its philosophy, etiology, diagnostic tools, healing techniques, and expand your mind, seeing health from other perspectives. It will also increase your ability to manage your own health and know yourself through the different manifestations of your body.

Delve into a fascinating world of knowledge and delve into the functioning of your body and mind with traditional medicine courses

Traditional medicine, in general, starts from a holistic and comprehensive vision, where the person can take responsibility for their health. Some of the different techniques that make it up require great study and knowledge, and must be carried out by professionals. Others are accessible to anyone, after an appropriate approach and training.

In Dunya’s traditional medicine courses we offer you a close and familiar look. To put it into practice with you and yours.

And we also offer professional courses, with everything you need to become an excellent therapist. If what you are looking for are professional courses, write to us at and we will provide you with all the information.

In ancient times men lived in accordance with the dào[tao] with the laws of yīn yáng, observing the method of destiny (shù shù), moderating their food and drink, and protecting their joints, their daily activities were regular. They were neither improper nor excessively tiring. In this way, they were able to maintain both their physical structure (xíng) and their spirit (shén).